Cape Town the place to be!
Als professioneel kite surfer reis ik heel de wereld rond... More »
Kiting Jaws
Today I had the chance to kite Jaws and what a great day it was!!! Thanks to Tiago and his friend for taking me there and keeping an eye out! It wasn't the biggest day but for sure a great day to get a feel of the wave... More »
Hidden Lines Chapter 3 Nitro City
Hidden Lines chapter 3 Nitro City! Naked girls, a 60m pull up, pool kiting and loads more of crazy action! Enjoy! Link:http://www... More »
Alaska part 2
Part 2 of our Alaska adventure is out right now! Riding a 15min endless boretide together with Robby Naish and Kai Lenny was one of the most memorable moments of the trip! Photo Scott Dickerson   Check the movie out on: http://www... More »
Hidden Lines Chapter 1 Chile
Check out chapter 1 of Hidden Line... More »
2nd PKRA Germany
The PKRA in Sankt Peter Ording is the biggest event of the year... More »
1st PKRA kitemasters Turkey
Just got a first place at the PKRA kitemasters in Turkey! It was a different format than that we were used to, we could only do 5 tricks and one of them had to be an oldschool... More »
Love my job
Oke so here is the shot again... More »
I'm now in..